Publications, Studies and Reports

Lake District Sponsored or Funded Studies

  • Claflin, T.O. 1977. Lake Onalaska Rehabilitation Feasibility Study. Report to Lake Onalaska Rehabilitation District. 43pp. (pdf)
    Summary: Found Lake Onalaska already highly eutrophic with a loss of 31% of its volume to sedimentation since its creation in 1939. There was no significant nutrient input from shoreline residents. Forecast rapid encroachment of macrophytes to the (then weed-free) central portion of the lake, followed by a transformation to a marsh-like state. note: of the 4 potential remedial actions, only the second (hydrologic controls on input flow) was deemed feasible and effective. This remedial action was partially implemented in the early 1990s with the construction of closing dams across 4 principal inflow chutes (No-name, Gibbs, Goose, and Sommers chutes).
  • Schall, D. and J. Kawatski. 1980. The macrophyte and macroinvertebrate populations of three areas of Lake Onalaska (Pool 7, Mississippi River) following mechanical harvesting of aquatic macrophytes. unpublished final report, Viterbo College Dept. of Biology. 82pp. (pdf))
    Summary: Aquatic vegetation was mechanically harvested during the summer of 1979 in three study areas. Harvesting reduced plant biomass for about one week, but the areas were rapidly repopulated. The number and biomass of invertebrates did not differ between harvested and control areas.
  • Lake Onalaska: 50 years of change (pdf))
  • Lake District 2012 Opinion Survey (as Microsoft Powerpoint File)

Other Relevant Lake Onalaska Studies and Publications